We are active in the field of mobile dewatering procedures for longer than 35 years. In the interests of maintaining the specific character od dewatering activities, it was decided in 2000 to disengage the dewatering division from the business group Smet Jet, and to incorporate it as a new entity. ATOX NV. Since then ATOX enjoys its own successful story, and we are ready for the future! We rely on various methods for conducting dewatering activities, depending on the scope of the works and the quality of the sludge. These installations are mostly mobile, but can be executed in a semi-mobile style too, depending on the length of the project. With our dewatering projects, we are represented in various market segments in all neighbouring countries. We make our presence felt in chemistry and petroleum chemistry, steel industry, drinking water production, quarries and primarily the food industry. That is because every single slurry, no matter be it flowing waste waters or a sludge residue, has its own distinguishing characteristics, and it requires testing in our own lab. Therefore, the quality of an initial sample is terribly important to us. We prefer to obtain the relevant samples ourselves by offering an initial assessment visit free of charge to you. This initial visit gives us an opportunity to access the condition of the yard and possible installation procedures, available utilities, and all you other requirements. With all the data collected and assessed, we will make an appropriate offer. In short A total service package in the field of slurry dewatering.  


  • During limited duration rebuilding projects or renovations of existing installations.
  • For disaster management.
  • For draining of basins, lagoons, silo’s, wells and other slurry and sludge locations.
  • For draining of water channels and ponds.
  • For extra support on your own dewatering site.
  • For conducting water testing.

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